The regenerative approach

Health for farm, family and community

Āta Regenerative has been established from the ground up to provide farmers with the tools and expertise to embrace and transition to a regenerative agriculture model. Our services include a range of on and off farm evaluation, guidance and education programs. We apply globally proven, rigorously managed, regenerative agriculture programs capable of delivering outstanding results.

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Getting started

Ready to transition your farming practice to a regenerative model? Find out how to get started here.

Ecological Outcome Verification 1

Your regenerative plan

This is where we assist with the implementation of your regenerative plan. Find out more here:

Ecological Outcome Verification 2

EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) - short term

Create your Ecological Health Index and begin monitoring your EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification).

ĀTA focuses on biodiversity in animals and the paddock.

EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) - long term

Monitoring your baseline for EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) to show change in your Ecological Health Index.

NZ lambs

EOV training

Train with the Ata Regenerative team (New Zealand Savory Hub) to become an EOV monitor.

Holistic Management

Holistic Management Accreditation

Train with the Ata Regenerative team (New Zealand Savory Hub) to become an accredited professional educator in Holistic Management.

Holistic workshops

Holistic Management workshops

Find out more about Ata Regenerative Holistic Management Fundamentals one day workshops here:

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The Ata Regenerative team brings 17 years of research and practical application to your agricultural practice. Find out how we can help you to join the regenerative movement and become the change you need to be toward healthier outcomes for your land, soil, waterways, livestock, products, family and your communities. Contact us here to find out more: