Regenerative Leadership Program

Experience a new level of energy and creativity and unleash your leadership potential

It’s time for a new kind of leadership that unleashes the potential in people, organisations, and communities where everyone plays a role.

Health is at the centre of every living thing. The food you eat can be a powerful form of medicine or you can slowly degrade yourself with the decisions you make regarding food.

The mindset that you bring to the living systems you are a part of makes a huge difference, whether it’s your family, friends, teammates, co-workers, or community.

The team from nRhythm and Dr Hugh Jellie from Ata Regenerative have teamed up to bring you this exciting Regenerative Leadership Course which focuses attention on creating the capacity within any system to support the emergence of health and potential within organisations and communities that can thrive.

Now more than ever organisations and individuals across New Zealand and the Globe are conscious of new ways of doing things. New ways of producing healthier, more sustainable, more eco-friendly organisations, and new ways of leading and collaborating in business.

If you want to be a leader in this revolutionary regenerative movement that can be applied in all aspects of life including how to lead in business, then register your interest here.

What you’ll learn

We know that guiding our projects into the world requires a new kind of leadership. One that unleashes the regenerative potential in people, organizations, and communities.

It requires all of us to move away from command-and-control strategies that maximize performance and efficiency to focus on creating the ideal conditions for health and potential to emerge.

The Regenerative Leadership Program will challenge your current leadership assumptions and invite you to radically shift your mindsets, behaviors and practices. This immersive three-month program will provide you and your teams with the foundational understanding, personal reflection and mindfulness and practical experience to fully “bring forth” your regenerative vision.

We will cover the following topics during the leadership practices workshops.

  • Understanding Regenerative
  • How do I start?
  • What shifts do I need to make?
  • The opportunities for a local, health-driven food community
  • The benefits for New Zealand


To increase your understanding and capacity, we created these RLP’s using nRhythm’s six guiding Regenerative Design Principles:

  • Holism
  • Evolutionary
  • Interdependence
  • Developmental
  • Nodal
  • and uniqueness to manifest a different way of leadership.


By participating in these practices, you can build upon each one of those principles and generate the capacity needed for new potential.

Programme Design:

The Regenerative Leadership Program is an opportunity to challenge your current assumptions about leadership and develop your capacity to lead regeneratively. With a variety of different engagement opportunities, we will support you on an intentional journey using Regenerative Design Principles & Regenerative Framework.

Month 1

Foundations of Regenerative Leadership

In the first month, you will be introduced to the foundations of Regenerative Leadership in a highly interactive, peer-to-peer learning environment. You will learn alongside change-makers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, students, and creatives worldwide to explore what Regenerative Leadership means to you in your unique context.

  • Learn the foundational principles and frameworks of regenerative design
  • Engage in 8 x 2-hour peer-to-peer hands-on learning workshops


Month 2

Designing Shifts: Your Regenerative Leadership Project

In the second month, you will apply your foundational knowledge by designing a Regenerative Leadership Project to implement in your organization, network, or community.  This could be reimaging team structures, making meetings more empowering and meaningful, creating more effective communication structures, or something completely new in your context.

We will then lead you through our Regenerative Design Framework to bring your project to life.

  • Engage in 8 x 2.5-hour design workshops where we will use the Regenerative Design Principles and Regenerative Framework to inform and guide you through a design process to create a meaningful and relevant leadership project


Month 3

Implementation & Reflection

In the third month of the program, you will begin to implement your Regenerative Leadership Project in your context with our support as well as all of your peers. We will invite you to join the Regenerative Leadership online community to connect with your peers and share your challenges as well as contribute your wisdom.  In addition, this third month will be an opportunity for deeper reflection.  We will provide you with mindfulness-based tools to observe your own shifts to Regenerative Leadership in your day-to-day work.

  • Participate in 3 x Regenerative Leadership Practices to shift your mindset and behaviors.
  • Engage in 8 x peer-to-peer support sessions
  • Connect in a dedicated online community with your peers



You can attend this regenerative leadership course online from anywhere in the world. Sessions take place live, on Zoom Video Conference, and are recorded in case you miss a session.

What you’ll get

In-Depth Workshops

  • Learn an in-depth foundation of Regenerative Leadership in peer-to-peer workshops.

World-Renown Thought Leaders

  • Design support and mentorship from the Ata and nRhythm team.

Regenerative Leadership Project

  • Design and implement your unique leadership project. 


  • Access to the Regenerative Leadership Community and our Community of Practice.

Leadership Practices

  • Engage in 3 of our Regenerative Leadership Practices to shift your mindset and behaviors.


  • Lifetime access to recordings and course materials.


Enrolment Information

Enrol as a team or an individual and access our pricing guide.

Join the Regenerative Evolution

Regenerative Leadership Program will challenge your current leadership assumptions and invite you to radically shift your mindsets, behaviours, and practices.

Join us in this immersive three-month programme that will bring forth your regenerative vision and put you ahead of the game as a thought-provoking leader in regenerative practices.

If you want to be a leader in regenerative practices and you’re curious to see where this new approach can take you then don’t miss this amazing opportunity to be a part of the regenerative evolution.

Register your interest and be the first to know when the next Regenerative Leadership Program is announced.

Register for the Regenerative Leadership Program here

Are you curious to challenge your current leadership assumptions and to radically shift your mindsets, behaviors and practices?

This immersive three-month program will provide you and your teams with the foundational understanding, personal reflection and mindfulness and practical experience to fully “bring forth” your regenerative vision.

2023 updates to be announced.

Here’s what people have to say

“Using nature as an example where everything is interdependent on each other, it became easier to understand that when we start working together to support one another and allow individuals to shine collectively we can achieve great things. It was hard to move away from problem base decision making to potential based decisions but once the shift happened it opened the way for purposeful intelligent decision making.

 The ongoing support from the Design Lab team and Āta Regenerative is truly amazing. You become a member of a wonderful worldwide community with regular zoom catchups to touch base and hear what is happening around the globe. Though if the time doesn’t work there are New Zealand friendly time zone meetings. It is a lovely way to keep connected with everyone and be supported through your journey.”

Andrea Barker –

Engagement Co-ordinator, Property Services, Dunedin City Council

Meet Your Programme Facilitators

tre cates photo

Tre’ Cates – Managing Director at nRhythm

Consulting with organisations in a variety of industries across 6 continents and 35 countries, Tré has proven to be indispensable in designing, developing, and implementing an organisation’s purpose for the future. His industry experience is very diverse from the development of faith-based community organisations, a publicly traded technology company, to a multinational organisation working in 20+ countries.

Alex Groome Klement  – Operations Manager

Alex is a connecter, facilitator, and operator passionate about bringing world changing ideas to life. She has led teams in a diversity of contexts and now serves as Operations Manager at nRhythm. Alex is passionate about solving the world’s most complex social and environmental issues by helping organisations reach their full potential.

She discovered this passion through a range of work adventures, including: managing international events for a network with members in 73 countries focused on the power of the internet to improve peoples’ lives; fundraising to plant 200k trees and support the climate resiliency of 3000+ smallholder farmers; managing a small grants program for creator of the World Wide Web — Tim Bernes Lee’s organisation; co-creating a digital platform to map and connect the global regenerative agriculture movement; and managing customer development at a vertical farming startup. 

Alex is trilingual and has lived in 7 countries in Africa, Europe, and Central and North America.


Jeff Su  – Managing Director

Jeff Su has led a diverse and international career as an ecologist, academic, executive director, consultant and psychotherapist in the USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa. Jeff brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience in organisations focusing on a range of issues including Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Education, Regenerative Agriculture, Corporate Sustainability, Racial Equity, and urban housing and transportation.

Throughout his career Jeff has applied systems thinking and holistic approaches to help organizations address the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time. He holds a Ph.D. in Conservation Biology, was in the inaugural class of the David Smith Post-Doctoral Fellowship and a graduate degree in Holistic Psychology.

Ryan Williams – Organisational Design Consultant

Ryan Williams has spent his career as a leader and communicator in both faith-based and corporate contexts. He began his career serving as a Teaching Pastor, Executive Pastor and Lead Pastor. He excelled as a public speaker, wrote training materials, and taught in local ministry schools. His skills in communications took him into the work of internal and executive communications in the international telecommunications industry.

As an Executive Communicator he provided public speaking coaching, wrote speeches, developed communication plans, and trained staff to deliver written communications on behalf of 5 corporate executives. He also served as the managing editor for a company’s employee intranet delivering daily news and training to 14,000 employees globally. He developed the news cycle and metrics dashboard which delivered and monitored the targeting of information to specifics employees in different departments, countries, and languages.

Dr Hugh Jellie

Dr Hugh Jellie – Founder and Chief Executive of Ata

Dr Hugh Jellie is the Founder and Chief Executive of Āta. He loves working in the rural sector and is passionate about agriculture and the environment. During his long career, he became saddened by the impact industrialised farming had on the environment and the communities. Āta is his way of doing something about this problem and giving back.

After a long career as a veterinarian and investing 20 years in understanding and learning about the best solutions for New Zealand farming along with 12 years of global research, he is confident about the benefits regenerative design can provide to farming and organisations.