Hunterville Workshop

Unlock the hidden productivity potential of your organisation through regenerative design principles. Seminar and workshop series led by globally recognised teacher in regenerative design, Tre’ Cates, of nRhythm.

February 14, 1 pm – 5 pm

Rathmoy Lodge – 136 Cook Rd, Hunterville

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We need to radically reimagine our organisations as complex living systems that unleash potential and create the conditions for abundance and resilience to emerge.

The industrialisation of agriculture and society has caused disconnection, separating and segregating versus connecting.

The breakdown in connection with our land and each other shows up as increasing ecological and societal harm. We can see our waters and land are degenerating and our communities are struggling with poor social outcomes.

The same can be said of our approach to businesses and organisations. Extraction, exploitation and an obsession with growth at all costs has all been at the expense of our organisations, our people and the future of our planet.

As part of our Road to Regeneration programme which started with the launch of Farmers Footprint NZ we are putting on a special workshop at Rathmoy for the organisations and farmers in the central North Island.

Learn how we regenerate and bring health back to our farms and businesses?

Regenerative Design Principles (RDP) are a set of insights from living systems which we can use to design our regenerative pathway and monitor to determine whether we are making positive regenerative change in our organisation or not.

nRhythm’s RDPs are informed by key insights into a systemic understanding of life which when implemented in organisations, create the conditions for better productivity outcomes. These RDPs frame our questions and guide the design, decisions, and day-to-day management of our organisations. These principles are interdependent, inform one another, and create a self-sustaining ecosystem of engagement and increased potential.

This February, Ata Regenerative will be holding a series of seminars and workshops in Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Hunterville, Hawkes Bay and Auckland presented by Tre’ Cates, founder of nRythm, who is globally recognised for his work implementing RDP into organisations, and Dr Hugh Jellie of Ata Regenerative.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best.

This half day work shop will help you understand how to bring greater health to your business or organisation. You will leave this course with the foundation knowledge to create your own customised and flexible Regenerative Design Plan and Regenerative Decision Making and Management Framework and the confidence to bring your regenerative team, organisation, network or emergent idea to life.


Workshop content

Introduction to

• Living Systems Science and its application to design and management of organisations, communities and farms

• The shifts which support the change from the industrialised system to regenerative

• The Regenerative Framework; a radically different framework for organsational design, planning and management

• The Regenerative Design Principles

What you will get

• Greater understanding and confidence to back your self

• A baseline Organsiational Health Index which provides the starting point against which future change can be monitored

• Access to online tools

• Where to go for support

A unique opportunity to be personally coached by the one of the world’s leading Regenerative Design Coaches supported by Dr Hugh Jellie of Ata Regenerative


About Tre’ Cates & nRhythm:

Tre’ is the Managing Director of nRhythm based in the USA. Tre’ consults with organisations in a variety of industries across 6 continents and 35 countries. He has proven to be indispensable in designing, developing, and implementing an organisation’s purpose for the future. His industry experience is diverse from the development of faith-based community organisations, a publicly-traded technology company, to a multinational organisation working in 20+ countries. Tré has a BA in Philosophy from Ouachita Baptist University and a MA in Theology from Southwestern seminary.

About Dr Hugh Jellie & Ata Regenerative:

Dr Hugh Jellie, is the CEO & founder of Ata Regenerative, an organisation which for the past decade has been bringing greater sustainability and resilience to NZ farmers and their communities through adoption of regenerative farming practices. He is accredited by the Savory Institute as a Field Professional and an Ecological Outcome Verification Verifier.

Ata Regenerative is the Savory Institute’s only certified Ecological Outcome Verification provider in New Zealand working with 200+ farming enterprises and affiliated to the global Land to Market programme.

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