Ecological Outcome Verification

Ata Regenerative will be hosting a series of webinars again in 2023. We will announce the special guests and the topics as we confirm dates. Register your interest using the form on the right and you will get priority for places in the 2023 series.

The following was the final webinar from 2021. It is an explanation of Ecological Outcome Verification with a special guest who has been working in regeneration for a number of years.

You can watch the webinar video here:

Join Dr Hugh Jelllie from Ata Regenerative and Pablo Borrelli from Ovis 21 for this session.

Pablo is an agronomist from Argentina who has been working for many years on the regeneration of Patagonian rangelands in Argentina and on whose work EOV is based.

This is the third in the series on Land to Market and the opportunities this presents for New Zealand.

This webinar is a deep dive into Ecological Outcome Verification, the science inside Land to Market, its back ground, why it was set up and how it can be a global tool supporting regenerative change in land management.

Pablo Borelli of Ovis 21 is the father of this programme. It is based on many years of field work by Pablo and in collaboration with leading soil scientists, agronomists and regenerative practitioners around the world this has been developed into the Ecological Outcome Verfication programme, the biggest database of soil information globally and a link for land bases to become part of the Global Land to Market programme. It is now recognised by some of the biggest brands in the world as the means of identifying land is regenerating due to management and will support payments to farmers for being able to verify they are improving the health of their ecosystem.

About Pablo Borrelli

Pablo Borrelli

Pablo Borrelli is an agronomist (University of Mar del Plata) from Argentina who has a passion for reversing Patagonian desertification. He worked as a researcher, consultant, research station director, policy maker, and in 2003 co-founded Ovis 21, a certified B corp that manages a network of field professionals and farmers along 1.3 million hectares. He introduced several innovations for regenerative agriculture, is considered the father of regenerative agriculture in South America and is the person who shaped Ecological Outcome Verification as the global programme it is today.

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To catch up, here are the two previous Land to Market webinars.

These recordings feature Chris Kerston, Chief Commercial Officer of Land to Market and Dr Hugh Jellie, CEO of Ata Regenerative.

Land to Market is a global programme connecting a growing population of conscious consumers with producers verified as regenerating their land. Hugh and Ata Regenerative are the Savory Hub bringing Land to Market to New Zealand.

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