Regenerative Unravelled webinar 3 – How Regenerative Design can transform farm, business and community

In this webinar we explain the defining characteristics of life and living systems and how that demonstrates the 6 principles which characterise a regenerative system. We also discuss how moving from a mechanistic paradigm to a living systems paradigm requires shifts in behaviour and what these shifts are.

We explain the Regenerative Framework and how that applies to systems and outcomes in farms, businesses and communities.

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Here is the recorded version of this webinar:

nRhythm and Ata Regenerative

Ata Regenerative’s purpose is to be an open Framework for all who want to be in the Regenerative space – we want to help people understand the concept of Regenerative and how it can be embedded into our families, farms, businesses, organisations and communities.

The programme

We will host a series of fortnightly webinars on specific principles and the application of Regenerative. These will start with broad principles and then take a deeper dive into the application and specifics.

These are some of the specific topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to the principles of being Regenerative
  • Regenerative as a living system
  • How Regenerative Design can transform farm, business and community
  • The Circle of Life
  • A series about unleashing unrealised potential in your lives, your farm, your organisation
  • Cross Sector Collaboration


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