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Organisational Health Assessments

Is your business alive? Do people feel valued and motivated to contribute?  Lack of engagement is one of the greatest costs to a business, is your staff turn over high and/or the level of engagement low? In treating people as dispensable as if a cog in a machine they become disincentivized and disengaged, is this affecting your business?

  • Discover underlying opportunities and challenges in the organization
  • Align around actionable solutions to grow underlying health and Regenerative Capacity
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with a common language
  • Gain perspective and build clarity and cohesion on organizational processes
  • Monitor underlying health and Regenerative Capacity of the organization over time
  • Unleash the potential of the organization

This is a web-based tool developed by nRhythm and applied successfully to monitor the health of organisations and communities to inform effective redesign.

The Organizational Health Index (OHI) is an easily administered, comprehensive baseline assessment of the underlying health and Regenerative Capacity of the design and operations of an organization or community.

By monitoring and evaluating organisational health and Regenerative Capacity over time, this allows the underlying issues to be addressed and the creation of the conditions for thriving, resilient teams, organizations, networks, collaboratives and communities.

While the assessments themselves are comprehensive and revealing, the true power of the Organisational Health Index is the conversations that emerge from the results.

Ata can measure the Regenerative Health of your business through the Organisation Health Index

OHI numeric score
  • Discover opportunities and identify challenges

  • Provide alignment around actions to improve organisational health

  • Create meaningful, inclusive conversations

  • Build clarity and cohesion in organisational processes

  • Ongoing monitoring of organisational health and regenerative capacity

  • Unleash organisational potential

OHI summary report

Unleash the potential in your organisation and create the conditions for people to thrive

Organisational Health