What is it?

Regenerative is about a way of being or behaviour. There is no starting or end point but a process of constant change which delivers measurable improvement in the health of the systems we work with. With Regenerative Farming or Agriculture, this can be an improvement in ecological health measured with Ecological Outcome Verification. In a business sense, this can be improvement in organisational health as measured by the Organisation Health Index.

Through our partnerships with Savory Institute and nRhythm we are able to deliver practical solutions, implementation, training and education for a wide range of agricultural, commercial and governmental applications.

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There is no pre-qualification required, no pre-conditions of entry and no pressure to achieve beyond the level of your own progress; just a genuine desire to change towards a system which can deliver health to planet and people and secure a long term future for humanity on earth.

Where are you now

Where are you now?

For us to help you on your journey to a regenerative healthy future it helps us to know ‘where you are now’. What is your starting baseline position and what does health and abundance look like for you, your farm or your business in the future?

Getting started

Getting started

We sit down with you and your team and co- design your regenerative future using the principles of Holistic Management and the Regenerative Framework. Our approach uses living system design as we are dealing with living systems.

Growing Regeneratively

Growing regeneratively

The Regenerative Framework is a living document and one we will revisit regularly. In fact we advise that we should revisit the context at the start of each meeting to ensure it remains current and valid. Find out more here:

“Hokotehi Moriori Trust has been working with Hugh Jellie of Āta Regenerative to build an understanding of how we can contribute to a more healthy community on Rēkohu (Chatham Island) through using regenerative principles for farm management and organisational development. We have enjoyed Hugh’s contribution for the science, experience and humanity that sits behind his advice. The impact of Hugh’s work with us has been to enable us to reimagine what might be possible for our community and how we might best organise ourselves to make those imaginings become real. I have no hesitation in recommending Hugh to organisations interested in having a positive impact on their place and people.”

Tony Blackett

Chief Executive - Hokotehi Moriori Trust


Land to Market

Land to Market

The world’s first verified regenerative sourcing solution
for meat, dairy, wool & leather.

Ecological Outcome Verification 2

Ecological Outcome Verification

Ata Regenerative is the only certified Ecological Outcome Verification provider in New Zealand. Learn more here:


Organisational Health Assessments

Unleash the potential in your organisation and create the conditions for people to thrive. Learn more here:


Unleash Productive Potential - Seminars and Workshops

The Rise of the Regenerative Organisations & How to Become One - Public Seminar Series & Workshops led by globally recognised teacher in regenerative design, Tre' Cates, of nRhythm. Events in Christchurch, Hawke's Bay, Hamilton and Auckland. Tickets limited.



Unlock the hidden productivity potential of your organisation through regenerative design principles. A Workshop series led by globally recognised teacher in regenerative design, Tre' Cates of nRhythm.



Visit our webinars page for details on a new series of webinars for 2023.


Become an Ecological Outcome Verification Monitor

Find out more here.



Regenerative Design Labs – transform your organisation or community or bring your regenerative idea to life.


Chatham island tree

Chatham Islands Regenerative Project

Ata Regenerative are proud to work alongside the Hokotehi Moriori Trust in helping to regenerate the land, society, and culture of Rekohu.

Kai Rotorua Regenerative Agriculture

Kai Rotorua Regenerative Agriculture Project

Discover how a regenerative agriculture approach is helping the people of Rotorua rediscover farming and bring kids back to nature.

PROJECT: Titoki Regeneration

Titoki Regenerative Farming Project

Read how we help a Titoki beef and sheep farm in Rotorua transform into a thriving, diversified, regenerative showcase farm.

PROJECT: Project Nutrition

Project Nutrition

This is a project aimed at showcasing the nutritional benefits and health outcomes in food derived from regenerative farms.

Case Study - Regenerative Collaboration

Regenerative Collaboration

The creation and implementation of a Regenerative Cross-Sector Collaboration in South Waikato.



Āta Regenerative is a consultancy which has been set up to champion the movement reconnecting people and producers with their land. Through multiple agriculture projects we have been able to demonstrate in practice how the development of healthy soils can positively impact farm enterprises allowing them to become more sustainable and profitable.

Consumers are more aware than ever about the quality, the health of animals and the farming practices used to produce their food. And many are no longer comfortable with the industrial, commoditised approach of big business food production. Our regenerative farming approach is the antithesis of these damaging and extractive practices.

The agricultural industry is considered to be one of the world’s biggest impacts on climate change, which in so many ways is counter intuitive to the very notion of farming, which is about nurturing the growth of plants and animals. Generating three centimetres of topsoil takes 1,000 years, and if current rates of degradation continue all of the world’s top soil could be gone within 60 years.

What shape is the soil and pasture on your farm in? Āta Regenerative can help you assess the situation and provide you with regenerative farming options to ensure your farming enterprises are secure, resilient and producing world class food well into the future.


Why is conventional agriculture resistant to regenerative production? And why should we care?20240307091658

Why is conventional agriculture resistant to regenerative production? And why should we care?

How do we transition to regenerative production to create the conditions for health in our agricultural environment? Read more.
Unlock your organisation’s hidden productivity potential through regenerative design20240201151204

Unlock your organisation’s hidden productivity potential through regenerative design

This February, don't miss the seminars called "Unleash Productive Potential”, with expert in regenerative design principles, Tre’ Cates.
What a night! The event that launched Farmer’s Footprint NZ20231211092915

What a night! The event that launched Farmer’s Footprint NZ

Last month Ata Regenerative officially launched Farmer’s Footprint NZ. How can you get involved? Find out by reading more here:

“What a pleasure it has been to work with Ata Regenerative. Hugh and Carol are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about bringing a focus to New Zealand on healthy landscapes, food and communities. Their experience working with communities have been invaluable to inform new healthy approaches. They are connected to individuals and organizations who truly are committed to creating a difference in New Zealand. They understand the importance of connecting farming communities, policymakers, municipalities and markets into a cross-sector approach for long-term impact and health. We are very excited to be long-term partners on unleashing the potential in our communities!”

Tre’ Cates

Founder and CEO of nRhythm