Currently Āta Regenerative is showcasing its work on two projects with more to come.

  1. Regenerative Transition: The transformation of Titoki beef and sheep farm in Rotorua from being an unloved property into becoming a thriving, diversified, regenerative showcase farm.
  2. Project Nutrition: a project aimed at showcasing the nutritional benefits and health outcomes in food derived from regenerative farms.

You can read about these projects in more depth by clicking on the images below.

Regenerative farming is applicable to many agribusiness settings and Āta Regenerative works with farms and organisations wishing to develop regenerative projects. Āta is currently working on other exciting initiatives, such as the Savory Land – to – Market program designed to facilitate  premium market readiness for accredited regenerative producers.

Premium consumers are now demanding more and more information about where their food comes from, how it was raised, who raised it and in what type of farming environment  it was raised in. The marketing hype of BIG food has worn thin on many high-end consumers and they are now searching for fresh, nutritious food options with pedigree. Āta can show you how to position your enterprise for these opportunities.

Case Study: Chatham Islands20220119020008
Case Study: Kai Rotorua Regenerative Agriculture Project20211117040316
South Waikato Cross-sector Regenerative Collaboration20201106114828
Titoki Regeneration Project20190125050901
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