Ata Regenerative Services

Growing Regeneratively

Keeping the Context Relevant

The Regenerative Framework is a living document and one we will revisit regularly.  In fact we advise that we should revisit the context at the start of each meeting to ensure it remains current and valid.

Building Capacity and capability

    • We have a number of tools we use to build capacity and capability on farm or within organisations. training programmes, both online and in person
    • management tools to help in achieving sustained regenerative progress


We will wrap support structures around each entity to assist and help throughout the regenerative journey. This support programme is unique to each client and co-designed to meet their context and needs.

Monitoring health and regenerative progress

Ecological Outcome Verification, the Organisational Health Index and other appropriate tools will be used to monitor ongoing progress of the regenerative health of the farm or organisation.

Growing regeneratively

Ata Regenerative is the only certified Ecological Outcome Verification provider in New Zealand

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