Large scale regeneration through holistic management

The Savory Institute is a global movement with a Mission to facilitate the large scale regeneration of the worlds grasslands and the livelihoods of  their inhabitants through holistic management.

70% of the grasslands of the world are degenerating and through our land management we continue to create desert at the size of Belgium annually. While all our individual efforts help support change, The Savory Institute is focused on affecting change at the landscape level with the vision to regenerate 1 billion hectares of grassland by 2025 through the establishment of 100 global hubs.

Ata Regenerative is the Savory Hub for the NZ region. We are committed to bringing health back to land for the health of NZ’s future. We are affiliated to the global Land to Market programme and Dr Hugh Jellie is accredited by the Savory Institute as a Field Professional and an EOV Verifier.

Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert, and this happens only when we create too much bare ground. There’s no other cause. I intend to focus on most of the world’s land that is turning to desert.”  Allan Savory

About two thirds of the world is desertifying. If we can reverse this, we can not only stop climate change, but save millions of people from starvation while addressing the social, environmental, and economic issues also created.

Allan Savory believes he has found a way.

A lifetime of research

Allan Savory

Born in Zimbabwe and educated in South Africa, Allan Savory has worked as, and alongside, farmers, ranchers, and researchers on four continents. In the 1960’s Allan made a life-changing breakthrough in understanding what was causing the degradation and desertification of the world’s grassland ecosystems. Since then he has tried, tested, and refined his approach in developing sustainable solutions, resulting in transforming what was once desert into healthy, arable land.

The Savory Institute was founded in 2009, with the aim of helping farmers around the world adopt, commit, and build on holistic, sustainable practices. Allan’s theory gained world-wide attention in 2013 after his TED Talk, which has been viewed almost 7 million times and was voted one of the top 50 most intriguing TED talks of all time.

Land to Market

Land to Market

Land to Market is a way for consumers to connect with farmers who have been verified as using sustainable and holistic practices. Conscientious buyers, brands and retailers can easily connect with farms and ranches which they know are regenerating their land. This connection between “brand and land” provides transparency along the chain, from production to checkout.

EOV design

Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV)

EOV is the scientific method by which the Savory Institute’s program is measured and adapted. Developed alongside leading ecologists, soil scientists, agronomists, and an extensive network of regenerative land managers across the globe, EOV tracks soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem function. This allows farmers to “hear the land”, providing real-time, ongoing feedback about the condition of the ecoregion and what changes need to be made to improve health.

Every region, farm, and climate has its own unique biodiversity, including flora and fauna, and each EOV evaluation is appraised within that unique environment. EOV isn’t about punishing farmers when they don’t hit targets. The system is a learning mechanism for farmers, with continuous improvement and ongoing peer support inherent.

Ata Regenerative is the only local company that is qualified to do EOV in NZ.

Savory Global

The Global Savory Network

Savory Global Network Hubs are a group of people all over the world with the same vision – to help farmers apply regenerative principles and Holistic Management to agriculture.

Hubs are managed by entrepreneurial people with drive and passion, and deliver training, management, and support for local ranches. Hubs around the world help farmers monitor their land, checking current methods and strategies, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

They also offer accredited workshops, customised training, and consultation services to individual farmers, organisations, or governmental departments. By becoming an official Savory Hub member, you will learn holistic management, and be able to teach it to others in your region, as well as offer monitoring services in EOV to local farms.

Ata Regenerative are at the forefront of regenerative agriculture practice in New Zealand. With 17 years working in the regenerative space and as the only EOV provider in the country, Ata Regenerative can assist with your transition to farm practice that focuses on the regeneration of soils, increased productivity and biological diversity, as well as economic and social well-being. To find out more, contact us here