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Designing for a Regenerative Future

Having established your baseline position through the ‘where are you now’ and a bit of insight into your aspirations we begin to design your regenerative future.

We are dealing with living systems and need to be guided by an understanding of living systems science. The common paradigm is mechanistic. We treat land, animals and people as if they are machines and push them to produce at all costs. This is an entirely extractive concept based on an “I win you lose” type of relationship. We expect that we can enforce a predictable outcome by applying prescriptive best practices as if working a machine and the faster we push the more we can produce.

The Regenerative Framework serves as a design framework using the regenerative principles; a process framework which flows from first creating conditions which allow unrealised potential to emerge and a decision-making framework where decisions are made with the whole in mind.

We start by creating a context, this begins to form what are termed the conditions for health of the entity and it is these conditions of health which allow the unrealised potential to emerge.

What is the ‘big why’? Why do you want to do what you are considering (the purpose) and what is something unimaginable that could emerge from what you are designing or redesigning?

What do you want life to be like? What do you value of what you have now? What needs to die to let new life emerge? How do we behave to protect the health of the system? How do we energise the system we are creating? How do we establish work structures which deliver our desired outcomes without compromising the health of the system?

Designing without such a framework with focus only on the planning, tools and outcomes becomes a mechanistic design process, we can drive output and productivity but often this is done at the cost of the health of the system (land or people).

EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) and OHI (Organisational Health Index) are used to monitor our regenerative progress.

Regenerative Framework

Ata Regenerative is the only certified Ecological Outcome Verification provider in New Zealand

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