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Where are you now?

For us to help you on your journey to a regenerative, healthy future it helps us to know ‘where you are now’. What is your starting baseline position and what does health and abundance look like for you, your farm or your business in the future?

For land-based businesses this is best done with a visit to the property:

• to get to know you
• to get to know others in your team as appropriate
• to look at and get a feel for the land and its history
• to understand the enterprises you run or plan to run on the land

This visit gives us sufficient knowledge to make recommendations on how to get started and the help we are able to provide to support your regenerative journey.

Following this meeting we will provide a written report with a summary of the meeting, ideas to begin to co-create a shared context and the framework to cover the work we will do together and how we can create the conditions to achieve the outcomes sought.

We will make recommendations on how we can help including a time line and proposal outlining the relationship.

Regenerative journey

We will generally recommend that we complete a starting baseline evaluation of the ecological health of the land. We can do this at this initial meeting or as a follow up depending on your input and time available. This is completed using Ecological Outcome Verification.

The information we capture at this meeting with the results of the EOV help with the creation of the Regenerative Framework which becomes both the design tool and the planning tool for this project.

For organisations (businesses and communities), we start with a meeting (in person or online) to get a broad oversight of the organisation, its function, scope and vision. From this information we co-create the questions to be used in the Organisational Health Index.

The OHI is an online tool completed by all members of the organisation or business which gives insight into the current state of the organisation. The information gained helps guide the design of the Regenerative Framework to create the conditions for the potential the organisation to emerge.

Where are you now?

Ata Regenerative is the only certified Ecological Outcome Verification provider in New Zealand

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