Design Labs


Design Labs

Āta Regenerative is offering selected organisations, businesses or community groups transitioning to regenerative management or with an emergent idea to create future abundance and health, with this Regenerative Design Lab.

Are you ready to start designing and managing your organisation, team, network or emergent idea (you name it!) as a complex living system? But, are you finding that the current mechanistic, best practice-based approaches are inadequate to manage the complex systems you are working with?

Āta Regenerative’s Regenerative Design Lab, provided with our partners nRhythm, is for individuals or for groups of 3 to 5 people from each organisation, business, community group or project. This course will provide you the new design approaches, management frameworks and transformational skills you are looking for.

This six-week design lab will challenge you to expand your mindset and empower you with everything you need to operationalise your regenerative ideas. Come prepared to get your hands dirty and put living systems theories into action through engaging immersive hands-on workshops, peer to peer learning, personal studio time, and mentorship.

You will leave this course equipped with a your own customised and flexible Regenerative Design Plan and Regenerative Decision Making and Management Framework as well as with confidence in your own genius, skills and experience to bring your regenerative idea to life in your context.

Live, and online

All sessions are live, online, and recorded for future reference.

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Course Dates

Week 0 – Foundations of Regenerative Organisations workshop
September 22 and 24, from 9:00 – 11:00 am NZST

Week 1
September 29 and October 1, from 10:00 – Midday NZDST

Week 2
October 6 and 8, from 10:00 – Midday NZDST

Week 3
October 13 and 15, from 10:00 – Midday NZDST

Week 4
October 20, from 10:00 – Midday NZDST

Week 5
October 27 and 29, from 10:00 – Midday NZDST

Week 6
November 3, from 10:00 – Midday NZDST
Post-Course Support: Two 1:1 mentoring sessions (at your own pace)

6 week course

Over the six week course, we are offering you an opportunity to design your project, team, or organisation using a regenerative, living systems approach. With a variety of different engagement opportunities, we will support you on an intentional design journey using nRhythm’s Regenerative Principles & Regenerative Framework. As guides, we will provide both time and resources to develop a meaningful, culturally relevant, context specific design. No prescriptions! Your customised design will enable new potential and begin creating the conditions for your teams to thrive.


Every workshop is structured to enable you as a designer to understand the “living” dynamics of complex systems (projects and organisations). We will use the Regenerative Principles and Regenerative Framework to both inform and guide you through a design process that will honour the principles of living systems (Holism, Interdependence, Uniqueness, Evolutionary, Nodal and Developmental) while utilising flexible frameworks (Context, Health, Structures, Work and Abundance) to guide your decision-making and ultimately a meaningful and relevant design.

Design labs

Every lab is intentionally structured to provide space and time for you to design your project. During this time, you will begin applying the information gained in the workshop to your specific design project. With the support of Āta Regenerative and nRhythm and peer to peer learning with your fellow participants, you will begin to create a design that enables your purpose, releases new potential while increasing the health of the system. We will be an active resource supporting questions, clarifications, and ideas during this process.


There will be one-to-one mentoring sessions with members of Āta and nRhythm. Each participant will have the opportunity to work in private sessions with experienced practitioners on supporting your regenerative design. You will have the opportunity to share sensitive and private information in a safe place to support your project.

What You’ll Get:

  • 6 weeks of workshops, design support, mentorship, and community
  • A completed Regenerative Plan
  • An invitation to join nRhythm’s Community of Practice (membership is free)
  • 2 x mentoring sessions after course completion
  • Lifetime access to course content (recordings, exercises, and links)
  • Certificate upon course completion
  • 100% money back guarantee

nRhythm’s CoP is a community of regenerative practitioners using the Principles and Framework in their projects, teams, and organisations. The CoP practice meets regularly throughout the year to support the implementation and creating the conditions for regeneration.

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Comments from past attendees

The structures and processes we build to achieve organisational performance and outcomes can actually be hindering the long term viability of the organisation. Intentional focus on the underlying health of the work environment and the holistic design of supporting structures and processes can unleash incredible unrealised potential. This deep work is masterfully facilitated by nRhythm, and has proven invaluable in the governance of our organisation and network.

Daniela Ibarra-Howell SAVORY GLOBAL

The design lab created the space to take both a macro and micro look into how I design my Regenerative Framework. It was incredibly valuable to take the time to develop my holistic context, and I was surprised by the growth that happened during the 6 week lab. It was wonderful to connect with an international community, from various contexts and sectors, coming together to develop regenerative systems within our organizations.


The Regenerative Design Lab revealed a whole new lens on the complexity and uniqueness of our organization for me. Knowledge is power and more often than not, the only people in an organization who get to see a holistic birds eye view of their business are the people at the top. This lab empowered me with that knowledge and I have only been working at my organization for 3 months. After seeing the whole of our organization, I feel a deeper sense of purpose in my role now. I think that every single organization needs to go through this if they want to empower their people and unleash their employee’s true potential.


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