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For a long time now, we have embraced an agricultural system and design that reduces life in the soil to nothing but resources to extract. We no longer nurture life, but extract life from the very foundation of our existence. All of life’s connections, which have taken billions of years to create, are weakened and in some situations completely lost. This industrialisation of agriculture and society has caused disconnection, separating and segregating versus connecting.

The breakdown in connection with our land and each other shows up as increasing ecological and societal harm. We can see our waters and land are degenerating and our communities are struggling with poor social outcomes.

The same can be said of our approach to businesses and organisations. Extraction, exploitation and an obsession with growth at all costs has all been at the expense of our organisations, our people and the future of our planet.

How do we change these outcomes?  How can we regenerate and bring health back to our farms and businesses?

Short Course Description

The Regenerative Design Lab is a 4-week crash-course in regenerative organisational design and management. This hands-on transformational workshop will challenge you to expand your mindset and empower you with everything you need to transition to a regenerative model in your farm, business or organisation. Come prepared to get your hands dirty and put living systems theory into action through engaging, immersive hands-on workshops, peer to peer learning, personal studio time, and mentorship.

Course Price

Individuals                          NZ$699

Teams of up to 5               NZ$2749

Please register your interest with the form on the right or if you wish to discuss further contact Hugh Jellie on 0274949895 or email

Places are strictly limited.

Comments from past attendees

The structures and processes we build to achieve organisational performance and outcomes can actually be hindering the long term viability of the organisation. Intentional focus on the underlying health of the work environment and the holistic design of supporting structures and processes can unleash incredible unrealised potential. This deep work is masterfully facilitated by nRhythm, and has proven invaluable in the governance of our organisation and network.

Daniela Ibarra-Howell SAVORY GLOBAL

The design lab created the space to take both a macro and micro look into how I design my Regenerative Framework. It was incredibly valuable to take the time to develop my holistic context, and I was surprised by the growth that happened during the 6 week lab. It was wonderful to connect with an international community, from various contexts and sectors, coming together to develop regenerative systems within our organizations.


The Regenerative Design Lab revealed a whole new lens on the complexity and uniqueness of our organization for me. Knowledge is power and more often than not, the only people in an organization who get to see a holistic birds eye view of their business are the people at the top. This lab empowered me with that knowledge and I have only been working at my organization for 3 months. After seeing the whole of our organization, I feel a deeper sense of purpose in my role now. I think that every single organization needs to go through this if they want to empower their people and unleash their employee’s true potential.


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