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Regenerative Design Lab Programme

Regenerative Design Labs

Are you ready to design your workplace, projects, products, or communities in a way where abundance and health is the natural outcome?

If so, then welcome to the new era of regenerative design!

Regenerative is not only associated with agriculture and farming but design, medicine and business.

Are you interested in the following?

  • Reducing the impact of climate change
  • Ecological health
  • Producing nutrient-dense, healthy food
  • Sustainability
  • Cleaner air and water
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Building stronger relationships
  • Building healthier organisations
  • Creation of an engaged and productive team
  • Supporting your growth as a leader


Then this course is for you.

By bringing regenerative design to your role or business you can improve your outcomes.

  • Lower high staff turnover
  • Improve productivity and engagement
  • Be recognised as a regenerative organisation
  • Develop the projects you want to design


When is it?

The Regenerative Design Lab is a 4-week regenerative organisational design and management programme. (2023 dates are yet to be announced.)

Each session is structured to enable you as a designer to understand the “living” dynamics of complex systems (projects and organisations).

nRhythm and Ata will be an active resource supporting questions, clarifications, and ideas during this process. Your customized design will enable new potential and begin creating the conditions for your teams to thrive.

What’s included

  • 20+ hours of workshops, design support, mentorship, and community
  • A completed Regenerative Plan
  • An invitation to join nRhythm’s Community of Practice (membership is free)
  • 2 x mentoring sessions after course completion
  • Lifetime access to course content (recordings, exercises, and links)
  • Certificate upon course completion
  • 100% money-back guarantee


Places are strictly limited.

Here’s what people have to say

The Regenerative Design Lab is a journey and cohort that all growth seeking leaders should have the opportunity to experience. Participating in the Design Lab helped me and my team to have the conversations, do the deep work and design the type of organizational context that we never would have imagined without it. Transformational!

Kyle Fraser
Plus Narrative

The Regenerative Design Lab is the most impactful course I have taken all year! Highly recommend — and definitely bring a friend. This completely restructured my organisation and our impact.

Carolina Putnam


Soil Centric’s team really needed this class. We had a clear sense of our work, but not of our organizational design. You guys are brilliant and I wish more organizations could benefit from regenerative design principles.

Diana Donlon

Soil Centric

The Regenerative Design Lab has been a truly powerful tool which has assisted me in developing my project further. I enjoyed the peer learning and meeting new people from different continents. There was a great atmosphere which encouraged meaningful connections, engaged learning time and good humor. The past 6 weeks has grown my confidence in the project I am responsible for and deepened my understanding in regenerative principles and the Framework.

Rachel Pretorius

Olive Leaf Foundation

The Regenerative Design Lab was an experience I would recommend to anyone who not only wants the tools for designing a project, organisation, or holistic life around regeneration, but who also wants to be inspired by others seeking a similar emergent and regenerative path. All the tools, peers, and guidance from the nRhythm staff was beyond exceptional, and I can only say amazing things about the entire process. Thank you to all my peers and to those at nRhythm. Standing ovation!

Wyatt Ball

Between Two Worlds LLC

The Design Lab created the space to take both a macro and micro look into how I design my Regenerative Framework. It was incredibly valuable to take the time to develop my holistic context, and I was surprised by the growth that happened during the 6 week lab. It was wonderful to connect with an international community, from various contexts and sectors, coming together to develop regenerative systems within our organizations.

Julia Mande

Independent Consultant

Register for the Regenerative Design Lab

Register for the Regenerative Design Lab

What if we designed our workplaces, projects, products, even our communities in a way where abundance and well-being was the natural outcome?

The Regenerative Design Lab is an opportunity to design your project, team, or organisation using a regenerative, living systems approach.

2023 updates to be announced.

Meet Your Programme Facilitators

tre cates photo

Tre’ Cates – Managing Director at nRhythm

Consulting with organisations in a variety of industries across 6 continents and 35 countries, Tré has proven to be indispensable in designing, developing, and implementing an organisation’s purpose for the future. His industry experience is very diverse from the development of faith-based community organisations, a publicly traded technology company, to a multinational organisation working in 20+ countries.

Alex Groome Klement  – Operations Manager

Alex is a connecter, facilitator, and operator passionate about bringing world changing ideas to life. She has led teams in a diversity of contexts and now serves as Operations Manager at nRhythm.

Alex is passionate about solving the world’s most complex social and environmental issues by helping organisations reach their full potential. She discovered this passion through a range of work adventures, including: managing international events for a network with members in 73 countries focused on the power of the internet to improve peoples’ lives; fundraising to plant 200k trees and support the climate resiliency of 3000+ smallholder farmers; managing a small grants program for creator of the World Wide Web — Tim Bernes Lee’s organisation; co-creating a digital platform to map and connect the global regenerative agriculture movement; and managing customer development at a vertical farming startup.  


Jeff Su  – Managing Director

Jeff Su has led a diverse and international career as an ecologist, academic, executive director, consultant and psychotherapist in the USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa. Jeff brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience in organizations focusing on a range of issues including Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Education, Regenerative Agriculture, Corporate Sustainability, Racial Equity, and urban housing and transportation.

Throughout his career Jeff has applied systems thinking and holistic approaches to help organisations address the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time. He holds a Ph.D. in Conservation Biology, was in the inaugural class of the David Smith Post-Doctoral Fellowship and a graduate degree in Holistic Psychology.

Ryan Williams – Organisational Design Consultant

Ryan Williams has spent his career as a leader and communicator in both faith-based and corporate contexts. He began his career serving as a Teaching Pastor, Executive Pastor and Lead Pastor. He excelled as a public speaker, wrote training materials, and taught in local ministry schools. His skills in communications took him into the work of internal and executive communications in the international telecommunications industry.

As an Executive Communicator he provided public speaking coaching, wrote speeches, developed communication plans, and trained staff to deliver written communications on behalf of 5 corporate executives. He also served as the managing editor for a company’s employee intranet delivering daily news and training to 14,000 employees globally. He developed the news cycle and metrics dashboard which delivered and monitored the targeting of information to specifics employees in different departments, countries, and languages.

Dr Hugh Jellie

Dr Hugh Jellie – Founder and Chief Executive of Ata

Dr Hugh Jellie is the Founder and Chief Executive of Āta. He loves working in the rural sector and is passionate about agriculture and the environment. During his long career, he became saddened by the impact industrialised farming had on the environment and the communities. Āta is his way of doing something about this problem and giving back.

After a long career as a veterinarian and investing 20 years in understanding and learning about the best solutions for New Zealand farming along with 12 years of global research, he is confident about the benefits regenerative design can provide to farming and organisations.