Grazing in Future Multi-Scapes

A virtual conference: From thoughtscapes to landscapes, creating health from the ground up.

This virtual conference is hosted by Lincoln University.

Full details, speaker profiles, agenda and registration are here

Ata Regenerative and Savory Institute are sponsors of this conference and have made Allan Savory available as a speaker in the last session.

Allan will background the wicked problems that we encounter globally including climate change and the role agriculture plays in these issues.

These issues show up in NZ environmentally and socially. How do we change the paradigm to get different outcomes? New Zealand can play a leadership role in providing solutions.

How can we do this?

How do we create policy to support change?

Allan Savory is scheduled for Monday, July 5, 2021 at 7 am. There will be a brief introduction by Dr Hugh Jellie of Ata Regenerative followed by two sessions – Complexity, crash and collapse of chaos in pastoralism: clues for designing sustainable systems

  • Prof. Hans Schiere – Emeritus Professor, International Agricultural Centre, Wageningen University.
  • Allan Savory – Zimbabwean ecologist, livestock farmer, and president and co-founder of the Savory Institute

Conference overview:

This international workshop is to influence future mental and practical models of pastoralism in continually evolving multi-scapes. The workshop/conference will comprise a series of mini-workshop streams that have been crafted to cultivate a shift in thinking towards sustainable, multi-purpose pastoralism. These streams will be synthesized to establish how multifunctional pastoral systems can be re-imagined and then designed in view of the integrative dynamics of sustainable future multi-scapes.

This international workshop will provide you with answers and action related to the following topics.

• Grazing thoughtscapes
• Socialscapes of grazing
• Grazing landscapes (including climate, water and soils)
• Grazing foodscapes (including health of livestock and humans)
• Grazed wildscapes
• Systemscapes (design and thinking for future graziers)

Lincoln University will be hosting this workshop virtually via Zoom with an emphasis on interactive sessions.

Full details, speaker profiles, agenda and registration here.

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