Join the next Regenerative Leadership Program – A New Kind of Leadership

Join the next Regenerative Leadership Program – A New Kind of Leadership

The processes, relationships, and trust that underpinned that complex effort were now things we almost take for granted. We used them every day and night as though they were the natural order of things. Inside, however, most of us knew just how much it had taken to bring that “natural order” into being.

General Stanley McChrystal; Team of Teams; Commander, International Security Assistance Force and Commander, United States Forces – Afghanistan.

It’s time for a new kind of leadership, one that unleashes the potential in people, organisations, and communities where everyone plays a role.

Guiding our projects into the world requires a shift from command-and-control strategies that maximise profit and efficiency to creating conditions for health and regeneration to emerge.

Now more than ever organisations and individuals across New Zealand and the Globe are conscious of new ways of doing things. New ways of producing healthier, more sustainable, more eco-friendly organisations, and new ways of leading and collaborating in business.

If you want to be a leader in this revolutionary regenerative movement that can be applied in all aspects of life including how to lead in business, then this is the place to be.

Dr Hugh Jellie at Ata and nRhythm have teamed up to bring you our latest exciting Regenerative Leadership Program. A 12-week programme that begins on the 13th of April 2022.

During this time, you will engage in practice alongside change-makers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, students, and creatives worldwide to build your foundation; develop your ability to adapt and evolve; grow your capacity to persevere; cultivate your community of support, and ultimately realize your unique genius.

Who are these workshops for?

Are you interested in the following?

  • Reducing the impact of climate change
  • Ecological health
  • Producing nutrient-dense food
  • Sustainability
  • Cleaner air and water quality
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Building stronger relationships within organisations
  • Building healthier organisations
  • Creation of an engaged and productive team
  • Support your growth as a leader

If you answered yes to most of those interests and are curious to challenge your current leadership assumptions and radically shift your mindset, behaviours, and practices, jump on board and join the regenerative evolution because these workshops are for you!

Regenerative leadership practices programme

About Regenerative Leadership

Health is at the centre of every living thing. The food you eat is a powerful form of medicine or you can slowly degrade yourself with the decisions you make regarding food.

The mindset that you bring to the living systems you are a part of makes a huge difference, whether it’s your family, friends, teammates, co-workers, or community.

Regenerative Leadership grows capacity within any system to support the emergence of health and potential and help organisations and communities thrive.

We help farmers, organisations, local governments, and communities understand and apply holistic principles of regenerative management so they can reap the benefits and health outcomes that come with these practices.

You have a choice to grow and strengthen that internal capacity or miss out on the potential you were meant to experience.

Many leading organisations are boasting “Sustainable” credentials, but sustainability is the bridge. Regenerative is the destination.

It is no longer good enough to maintain the status quo. Organisations will need to think more about how to heal the ecological and societal harm which are the unintended consequences of the current mechanistic paradigm.

Actively disengaged workers cost NZ 7.5 billion per year in lost productivity. Our social statistics are some of the worst in the world, yet NZ should be leading the world in regenerative management, especially in agriculture and land use.

Regenerative leadership practices programme

How do you make the shift from the current model to one which brings health to the planet and the people?

The Regenerative Leadership Course, will help challenge your current assumptions about leadership and develop your own capacity to lead regeneratively.  

Regenerative is living. Learn how to lead through the lens of the 6 Design Principles learnt from the study of Living Systems.

  • Holism
  • Evolutionary
  • Interdependence
  • Developmental
  • Nodal
  • and uniqueness to manifest a different way of leadership.

By participating in this course, you can build upon each one of those principles and generate the capacity needed for new potential.

How does the Regenerative Leadership Program work?

Our Leadership programmes are for individuals who want to become leaders in Regenerative Design.

It is designed to help you create the shifts necessary to embrace a life-centred approach in your organisational role-every day. You’ll improve your individual and organisational health and reshape your habits and behaviours while allowing adequate recovery time to build genuine, long-lasting leadership skills.

The Regenerative Leadership programme is a 12-week programme with 2x2hr sessions per week every Wednesday and Friday. Attend this course online from anywhere in the world. Sessions take place live via Zoom conference and will be recorded if you miss a session.

Month 1: Foundations of Regenerative Leadership

  • The first month is an introduction to the foundations of Regenerative Leadership in a highly interactive, peer-to-peer learning environment.
  • Learn the foundational principles and frameworks of regenerative design.

Month 2: Designing shifts: Your Regenerative Leadership Project

  • In the second month, you will apply your foundational knowledge by designing a Regenerative Leadership Project to implement in your organisation, network, or community.

Month 3: Implementation and Reflection

  • In the third month of the program, you will begin to implement your Regenerative Leadership Project in your context with support from your facilitators as well as all of your peers. We will invite you to join the Regenerative Leadership online community to connect with your peers and share your challenges as well as contribute your wisdom.

During the leadership practices workshops, Dr Hugh Jellie and Tre Cates will also cover the following topics and much more.

  • Understanding Regenerative
  • How do I start?
  • What shifts do I need to make?
  • The opportunities for a local, health-driven food community
  • The benefits for New Zealand
Regenerative leadership practices programme

The time is now to join the Regenerative Evolution

Regenerative Leadership Program will challenge your current leadership assumptions and invite you to radically shift your mindsets, behaviours, and practices.

Join nRhythm and Ata in this immersive three-month programme that will provide you and your teams with the foundational understanding, personal reflection and mindfulness and practical experience to fully “bring forth” your regenerative vision

If you want to be a leader in regenerative practices and you’re curious to see where this new approach can take you then don’t miss this amazing opportunity to be a part of the regenerative evolution! 

Register and learn more about the workshops today.

Dr Hugh JellieApril 1, 20220

Dr Hugh Jellie

Dr Hugh Jellie is the founder of Ata Regenerative and has spent 17 years researching farming systems and regenerative agriculture around the world. He now helps farmers, organisations and individuals change to deliver improved environmental, social, financial and health outcomes.