The Regenerative Design Lab Programme 2022

The Regenerative Design Lab Programme 2022

Are you ready to expand your mindset? – and be empowered by everything you need to operationalise your regenerative ideas?

Are you ready to design your workplace, projects, products, and even impact communities in a way where abundance and well-being is the natural outcome?

If so, then welcome to the new era of regenerative design! 

The term ‘regenerative’ is not only associated with agriculture but regenerative design, regenerative medicine, regenerative therapy, and yes, even regenerative business.

About The Design Lab

The nRhythm team and Dr Hugh Jellie from Ata Regenerative have joined forces and are excited to announce their upcoming Regenerative Design Lab programme starting this May!

During the Regenerative Design Lab, you will be supported to design, create, and manage with a more holistic and regenerative approach with an outcome promoting organisational health and unleashing epic potential.

Every time a person, business, brand, organisation, or project infuses nRhythm’s Regenerative Design Principles into their organisational ecosystem, we are all one step closer to planetary well-being.

Why? Because we use living systems as our guide.

The Regenerative Design Lab is an opportunity to design your project, team, or organisation using a regenerative, living systems approach. With a variety of different engagement opportunities, we will support you on an intentional design journey using nRhythm’s Regenerative Framework.

Who are the Regenerative Design Lab workshops for?

Are you interested in the following?

  • Reducing the impact of climate change
  • Ecological health
  • Producing nutrient-dense food
  • Sustainability
  • Cleaner air and water quality
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Building stronger relationships within organisations
  • Building healthier organisations
  • Creation of an engaged and productive team
  • Support your growth as a leader

Why join the Regenerative Design Lab

A regenerative business is forward-thinking and acknowledges its place in the entire system where it operates – its community, its industry, its resources – its environmental values, and uses that knowledge of interdependence in their strategic decision-making.

By infusing regenerative design within your role or business you can help impact the following.

  • Lower high turnover of staff
  • Higher productivity and engagement – engaged employees are the energy source of healthy organisations
  • Be recognised as a regenerative organisation – how are you going to change your organisation?
  • Develop projects you want to design to create a regenerative impact

The Regenerative Design Lab principles

Understanding life and living provide the six nRhythm’s Regenerative Principles & Regenerative Framework.

  • Holism. Interrelated and dependent.
  • Mutualism. Inherent value and dependence in the other.
  • Uniqueness. Original and the possibility of individual genius.
  • Evolutionary. Maintains a dynamic balance with ever-changing environmental conditions.
  • Nodal. Decentralised and distributed.
  • Developmental. Growth and health of the members.
Regenerative Design Lab

Here’s how the Design Lab works

The Regenerative Design Lab is a 4-week regenerative organisational design and management programme starting May 11th to June 3rd, 2022.


Every Wednesday and Friday each session will commence between 10.00 am – 12.30 pm and each session is structured to enable you as a designer to understand the “living” dynamics of complex systems (projects and organisations).

Our principals:

We use the Regenerative Principles and Regenerative Framework to both inform and guide you through a design process that will honor the principles of living systems while utilising flexible frameworks (Context, Health, Structures, Work and Abundance) to guide your decision-making and ultimately a meaningful and relevant design.

In each session, you’ll have time to design your project. During this time, you will begin applying the information gained in the workshop to your specific design project.

Our support:

With the support of nRhythm and Ata and peer to peer learning with your fellow participants, you will begin to create a design that enables your purpose and releases new potential while increasing the system’s health.

nRhythm and Ata will be an active resource supporting questions, clarifications, and ideas during this process. Your customized design will enable new potential and begin creating the conditions for your teams to thrive.

What’s included

  • 20+ hours of workshops, design support, mentorship, and community
  • A completed Regenerative Plan
  • An invitation to join nRhythm’s Community of Practice (membership is free)
  • 2 x mentoring sessions after course completion
  • Lifetime access to course content (recordings, exercises, and links)
  • Certificate upon course completion
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Regenerative Design Lab Programme

Join the Regenerative Design Lab

Everyone is a designer and The Regenerative Design Lab is an opportunity for you to unleash limitless potential! We will help you design your project, team, or organisation using a regenerative, living systems approach that will ignite your regenerative vision and become a leader in regenerative design.

This hands-on transformational workshop will challenge you to expand your mindset and empower you with everything you need to transition to a regenerative model in your farm, business, or organisation.

Don’t miss out on this incredible experience and join us in this unique opportunity to be a part of the growing and evolutionary regenerative movement.

Meet the facilitators, hear from people who have completed this workshop and register here.

Dr Hugh JellieApril 12, 20220

Dr Hugh Jellie

Dr Hugh Jellie is the founder of Ata Regenerative and has spent 17 years researching farming systems and regenerative agriculture around the world. He now helps farmers, organisations and individuals change to deliver improved environmental, social, financial and health outcomes.