103: Tools to Manage Ecosystem Processes


Land management is a practice of doing: doing what’s needed, when it’s needed, to produce. But we mustn’t forget the importance of how. Often we overlook the tools we use to manage, and at a great cost.

This course will show you how to shift your from traditional thinking to holistic, expanding your toolbox, and allowing you to better understand how your decision making and tool choice will have a huge impact on your outcomes.

Estimated Course Bundle Time: 4 HOURS



This course is for:

  • Land Managers seeking to manage land regeneratively
  • Teams who are changing their approach to management
  • Consumers looking to make educated choices
  • Stewards of our environment

You will learn:

  • What tools are available for managing ecosystem processes
  • How the application of these management tools affects the land
  • How the type of environment influences the effect of those management tools
  • How to read the land to determine what tools have been applied in the past
  • How you can begin to use tools in your own context

Included in the courses:

Tools to Manage Ecosystem Processes

Your instructor:

Byron Shelton

Byron Shelton

Byron is the Senior Program Director for the Savory Institute. His role involves providing training in Holistic Management for the worldwide network of Savory Institute Hubs and Accredited Professionals. He also provides farm and ranch management consulting for the Savory Institute.