101: Introduction to Holistic Management


The solution to difficult and pressing issues such as climate change, drought resilience, food security, and financial viability all lie in our approach to land management. At Ata Regenerative, we believe the answer to these urgent global issues is that management of our land, livestock, and people must be holistic.

Holistic Management uses decision-making and planning processes that provide people with the insights and management tools needed to work with the labyrinth of complexity that exists in nature; resulting in improved, more informed decisions that balance social, environmental, and financial considerations.

In this course, start your journey to thinking and acting regeneratively by learning the principles that corporations, governments, and individuals alike are turning to for guidance: Holistic Management.

Estimated Course Bundle Time: 10 HOURS



This course is for:

  • Land Managers seeking to manage land regeneratively
  • Teams who are changing their approach to management
  • Consumers looking to make educated choices
  • Stewards of our environment

You will learn:

  • What Holistic Management is
  • How it helps to manage complexity
  • How you can use it in your own context
  • What you can do to continue your path to mastery

Included in the courses:

Your instructor:

Byron Shelton

Byron Shelton

Byron is the Senior Program Director for the Savory Institute. His role involves providing training in Holistic Management for the worldwide network of Savory Institute Hubs and Accredited Professionals. He also provides farm and ranch management consulting for the Savory Institute.